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President’s Message

In 2000, I was selected to become a member the North Carolina Central University (NCCU) Eagle family. While at NCCU I had the opportunity to live themotto“Truth and Service”. After receiving a NCCU degree for my work performance while attending the university. My professional degree helped with an opportunity to serve while changing or impacting the lives of many young students. Sixteen years later, I had the opportunity to be able to retire. I re-connected with other NCCU Alumni by joining the Raleigh-Wake NCCU Alumni Chapter. This chapter presented me with the opportunity to continue to serve by “it’s about the student” attitude. Their programs are geared towards achievingsuccess of present, past, or future NCCU students. After leading the chapter successfully, during my first term I was rewarded with a vote of confident to service my second term.

THE Clif.Lavenhouse, President
(The Honorable Eagle)